Single Release-Make You Happy By The Force MD’s February 14, 2019

New Release From The Force MD’s

Just In Time For Valentines Day

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“Make You Happy”

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“Nobody can make you relive those moments like the Force MD’s.” – Melissa Morgan

“Somehow the Force MD’s have managed to transform incredible adversity into a completely uplifting and overwhelming live show experience.” – Skip Dillard

Perhaps no group embodies the spirit of classic eighties Hip-Hop R and B soul more than the iconic and unstoppable Force MD’s. Anyone who has attended a Force MD’s show knows that from the first words of “Tender Love” “Here I lay all alone…” the whole crowd is instantly unified, swaying arm in arm, passionately singing the soundtrack of their lives. The first few bars of timeless classics like “Love is a House”, “Tears,” or countless other hits can transform any arena into a nostalgic soul celebration in seconds.

In addition to a surge of new tour dates, and widespread industry buzz about the forthcoming feature length documentary Force MD’s Relived, the group’s momentum has also been fueled by a slew of recent celebrity endorsements. These range from President Obama’s highly publicized acknowledgement that he keeps the Force MD’s in rotation on Air Force One, to the growing roster of entertainers who cover Force MD’s songs in their show (including Wiz Khalifa, Alicia Keys, Marcia Ambrosius, New Edition, and others). As a result, the group is experiencing a new chapter in a long history of success.

The Force MD’s live show takes fans beyond the groups original classics and dazzles them with an uplifting soulful tour of the best of the black music experience. With the captivating energy that took the group from the Staten Island Ferry to the top of the charts, the group rolls out spontaneous crowd pleasing renditions of songs from artists such as the Temptations, Four Tops, the Jackson Five, Al green and others.

As the longest active member of the group, Stevie D is the dynamic thread that connects the group’s history, to its present and rapidly evolving future. As a powerful vocalist, pioneering freestyle artist, and electrifying dancer he exemplifies the blend of Hip-Hop and R and B that the group is known for originating. Khalil Lundy and TCD Lundy forged their vocal styles working closely together during their youth. Today Stevie D, Khalil, an their nephew Zieme (Zy-eem) continue to carry that legacy as the embodiment of the distinctive Force M.D.’s sound.