Luxury Entertainment Presents “Feelin” By Jalil Ft Tyrik Ballard

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Hailing from Harlem, New York is up and coming artist Jalil. There are three ways to describe Jalil as an artist; versatile, fun, and entertaining

Jalil’s music gives him a relief when he is creating, he calls them masterpieces, Jalil wants to make his talent a craft and give people a story. As a new artist, he says its all about staying in your lane and that’s one thing that Jalil does well. He created a nice local following with the records and dope visuals to “Oscar Proud, “Cold Love” and “Trap Out The Rental”.

More music is on the way as Jalil continuously writes and creates songs. Jalil has a vision for his career and is ready to give it his all. “Music is something I live and breathe and it is in my heart, I’m ready to rock the crowd, spend many hours in the studio and make music” he explains. Jalil explains he calls his music mystifying; you’ll never know what you will get out of him.

Jalil has the talent and work ethic and as he continues this journey of music, it is only a matter of time before he is a household name, worldwide


Harlem NYC’s own Tyrik Ballard is a young visionary with a powerful voice and an even more powerful presence and message behind his music. Tyrik began his musical journey at the young age of 15, writing and singing songs to express his emotions and essentially telling the stories of his life, through the art of song.

He was pushed and encouraged to further his career and talent by his family, they pushed him to pursue his artistry in a more serious manner. Tyrik epitomizes leadership and focus. He was captain of his swim team in school and participated in the Junior Olympics. The discipline that he learned through the sport taught him the importance of teamwork at a young age.

Tragedy struck Tyrik’s life though, as gun violence ended the life of a good friend of his unexpectedly. Tyrik took his pain to the pen and was inspired to write the song “Why Don’t We Try”, where he spreads the message of gun violence awareness and a focus on community and growth.

Although a millennial, Tyrik quotes the foundation of his musical inspiration as 90’s R&B and it shines through in his effortlessly smooth and soulful tones. His story is one of talent, passion and perseverance. Tyrik’s overall goal is to inspire his peers to stay in school, stay out of the streets, focus on their goals and never give up.