Look familiar? Enter BOMB Promotions.

Bomb Promotions was created in mid-2009 as a renovation from Noche Promotions, one of New York City’s leading nightlife event ground promotions companies since 2002. Noche Promotions began taking on more than just club events. We began working with clothing labels, consumable products, small businesses and large-scale expos and conferences. Our name became too small for us. We’ve combined the talent and knowledge of our team and experience to create the ultimate marketing service company – Bomb Promotions!

We are results-driven. We’re also very particular. We’ll analyze your business down to the details. When it comes to our clients, their needs come first and with a custom-made marketing plan, there is no other way around it. We help our clients build a plan and put it to action.

Why Hire Us?
We’re easy to talk to, understand your language and are eagerly ready to get started. We offer free one-time consultations so we can learn more about each other and how we can make your business goals happen. Are you looking for leads, customers, visitors, sales? We’re in full understanding that it takes more than “being seen”. Being seen is the first step. There is more to it than that. We focus on the end result. The sale, the lead, the incoming business for you.

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