2017 Council District 9 Special Election- Candidate Cordell Cleare

2017 Council District 9 Special Election


CORDELL CLEARE Cordell Cleare has worked for over 18 years for New York State Senator Bill Perkins (politician). She is a member of the Sojourner Truth Democratic Club based in New York City, NY, and New York City District Leader for District 70. She is currently running for Harlem City Council seat of Inez Dickens. She was a New York Delegate for the 2016 Democratic National Convention. She has served as chair to the New York City Coalition to End Lead Poisoning. as chief of staff she has been able to help the Harlem community to navigate the system. She has been Democratic District Leader. She supported Barack Obama’s run for presidency, and was a delegate.

She says “My work related to everything to this community. I can be an advocate, an activist, and I have a wonderful opportunity to make change in the community I love.” She served as chair to the New York City Coalition to End Lead Poisoning. Her infant son was affected by lead poisoning which resulted in a Supreme Court, New York County, New York court case.

She has served as Democratic District leader and District #3 Community Education Council. She was a Community School Board member for six years. She was the leading advocate on Lead Poisoning Prevention & she received the 1997 Brooke Russell Astor Award. As Chief-of-Staff for Bill Perkins controlling the city’s rat population was on their agenda, along with housing discrimination and illegal evictions. They exposed a major housing scheme in illegal “flipping” of old brownstones in Harlem and in Brooklyn. It was one of the biggest profiteer HUB rehab-loan fraud schemes which devastated the housing market in Harlem and Brooklyn.

As a tenant Cordell along with other rent stabilized tenants in a building on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard in Harlem experienced discrimination in heating. Whereas, those owning co

ndos in the building received heat, and many of the rent-stabilized tenants had faulty radiators, and lack of heat.

She is on the Advisory Cordell CleareBoard for the African American Day Parade, and has worked with the African Day Parade. Cleare and Bill Perkins supported justice for the Central Park jogger case. She has worked and supported “New York Health” bill to establish universal healthcare system for the state of New York. In 2008 Cleare campaigned for President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign for presidency. She was a 



Bernie Sanders delegate for the Democratic Party Convention in 2016.

As of 2017, Cleare is running for Harlem Council Member to represent District #9. She was recently endorsed by New York Amsterdam News. They said “…. we clearly understand the significant role she played during her years working in the City Council and State Senate”. “Now, it’s her turn in the election arena”.

2017 – The League of Pissed off Voters of New York endorsed Cordell for District 9 City Council, stating that “she is exactly the kind of grass-roots figure we want to see taking up offices throughout this city”.

Cleare Quotes From The Candidate

“I’m not tired of serving”. It has been a constant learning experience and constant fulfillment providing leadership for this community. I wake up every day thinking about this job.”

“I am the best candidate for City Council District 9 because I have worked, lived, worshiped and raised my family in this community. Spanning 4 generations, I have witnessed the changes and challenges Harlem has experienced. These experiences have given me an historic perspective and first hand knowledge of the community’s struggles and have prepared me for the work ahead when I am elected.”

Cordell Cleare is, and has always been, a go-getter. She has set her standards very high, and will continue to fight for change until her vision has been reached. Working in the political realm for many years, Cordell Cleare has a history of excellence, and holds the public interest very close to heart. Please explore the site to find out more about Cordell Cleare and her vision for change.

September 12, 2017

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